Recently I have started to make a few videos with a GoPro on different cool topics about ants.


The first two here are a quick presentation of the collecting phase for Winkler Extractors, a great method to collect soil arthropods. The third video presents the transfer of the leaf litter to the Winkler bags for arthropods extraction. I am still very beginner with videos, so my apologies for the quality.

Featured on the first two videos the ant biologists Marie Madeleine Dieng (from Senegal) and Nichola Plowman (Scotland) and thanks to Cong Liu (China) for the filming. These videos were realized in Maliau Basin Conservation Area, Sabah, Malaysia (Borneo).

The third video was realized at the University of Hong Kong thanks to Ying Luo. Thanks also for the help of Roger, Toby, Felix and Chocolate and Lim.

Video-1 (Collection and sifting)

Video-2 (collected material transfer)

Video -3 (Hanging the sifted material for arthropods extraction)

Finally, to maximize the extraction rate of arthropods from your samples, I would suggest you to consider the methods described in the following article: Guénard and Lucky 2011


Shing Mun Lunch BreakLunch break at Shing Mun Country Park, Hong Kong, during a collection day.