Positions available

(Dec. 2021) The following position is currently open in the IBBL:

JOBS: One PhD position available

PhD position available!

During this project, the successful candidate will work on ant invasions at both regional and global scales to develop predictive and applied tools relying on multiple aspects of ant ecology, biogeography and socioeconomics. The work will involve both computer and field-based work with the aim of developing a new global biosecurity framework.

Applicants should have a strong background in ecology, entomology or a related field, with previous research and field experience preferred, and with excellent analytical skills. Students with high motivation to work within tropical Asia and other tropical/subtropical regions are particularly encouraged to apply. Successful candidates should be hard-working, critical thinkers and independent (but keen to work with a team of researchers). Applicants should note that to be accepted within the Graduate Program of The University of Hong Kong, demonstration of academic excellence during undergraduate studies (high GPA) is a requirement.

The geographic position and history of Hong Kong provide great opportunities for the study of community ecology, biological invasions and functional diversity in ants among other fields.

Application, including CV, motivation letter, publication (if any) and a list of 2 references should be sent to Dr Benoit Guénard (https://benoitguenard.wordpress.com/) by September 30th 2022 or earlier.