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1 Research Assistant position available!

A full-time Research Assistant position is now open in the Insect Biodiversity and Biogeography Laboratory of Dr Benoit Guénard (https://benoitguenard.wordpress.com/) at the University of Hong Kong. The position, offered for one year (with potential for renewal later on), will consist of organising an insect collection for a series of educational and artistic displays, to be presented in one of the most modern buildings of Hong Kong. The exhibition opened to the public should combine elements of science, education and art to be visually attractive and contain information about the ecology of insects. The ideal candidate should thus have a background in entomology to collect, identify and curate the specimens, as well as strong interests in communicating science visually with an artistic approach using pinned insects as support. This is a unique opportunity for scientists with an artistic and creative mind-set.

The University of Hong Kong is located on Hong Hong Island at the core of an international and vibrant metropolis with English being the primary language used within and around the university. Located within a tropical region, Hong Kong offers a diverse entomological fauna with exciting opportunities for studying the local fauna.

A competitive salary (around 2500 US$ monthly, with taxes <5% in Hong Kong) and health benefits are offered with the position. The position is to be filled as soon as possible with an expected starting date by mid-November 2019. Interested candidates should send their CV and portfolio presenting their past creations to Dr. Benoit Guénard (zeroben@gmail.com) as soon as possible (or before August 25th 2019).