Here are the latest news of the Insect Biodiversity and Biogeography Lab.

  • March/2019 – Two Research Assistant positions are now available (submit your application before March 15th)- for more information, click here
  • 10/11/15- A new article presenting a short update of the checklist of ants of Peru published in Zootaxa.
  • Brian, Roger and Benoit participated to the first Hong Kong Bioblitz and share their love for insects with dozens of young students. A team of journalists from AppleDaily followed us while we were collecting and made these two funny videos 1 & 2 (in Cantonese)
Benoit as the Hong Kong ant man!

Benoit as the Hong Kong ant man!

  • 10/09/15- A new article focusing on the distribution of ant genera for the past 50 million years! Find out more about these interesting results in the Journal of Biogeography.
  • 13/07/15- All the species maps and much more are now available on Check it out for more information on your favorite taxa.
  • 19/05/15- The last video on how to collect ants and other leaf litter arthropods is now online thanks to Ying. Check it out!
  • 14/05/15- The field season 2015 has officially started!
  • 21/11/14- Our first Winkler extractors from Hong Kong Island. Some really cool results already thanks to Mark Wong Kah Loon and Lily Ng!
Photo by Lily Ng

Photo by Lily Ng


  • 05/11/14- New article on the response of New York ants to habitat mosaic in Manhattan co-authored with Dr. Amy Savage and several other collaborators. Check this out


  • 05/09/14- The Insect Biodiversity and Biogeography Laboratory is now alive at HKU! Do you want to be part of it? Don’t hesitate to contact me.


  • 15/08/14- New article on the effect of urbanization and 3 major invasive ant species on ant communities over a 40 years period! You might be surprised by the results.  Check this out


  • 17/07/14- The Ant Genera of the World Website is back online! However please note that the website has not been updated since December 2011 and thus does not include the more recent taxonomic changes.




  • Cong Liu made a great website presenting beautiful pictures of all the 227 ant species we collected in June 2013 in the Xishuangbanna region (Yunnan, China).Check this out!