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Prints01_reducedAnts of Hong Kong

Our participation to the first Bioblitz in Hong Kong was followed by a team of the Apple Daily who produce two nice videos about ants (in Cantonese): Video 1 & Video 2

The discovery and description of Paratopula bauhinia, a new ant species in Hong Kong (South China Morning Post article), with a funny video from the Apple Daily.

Numerous newspapers and other medias have covered the release of Here are a few examples:

The Guardian (England), Science (USA), Sciences et Avenir (France, in French), La Presse & Journal de Montreal (Canada, in French), Le Temps (Switzerland, in French), La Repubblica (Italy, in Italian), El Comercio (Ecuador, Spanish), Apple Daily & Metro (Hong Kong, Chinese), NRC (Netherlands, in Dutch), derStandard (Austria, in German), Tuoi Tre (Vietnam, in Vietnamese), Helsingborgs Dagblad (Sweden, in Swedish), Kompas (Indonesia), Jaam-e Jam (Iran, in Persian).


global_ants-300x298Global diversity patterns of ants and Hotsposts of discoveries:

New York Times





Historical biogeography and global evolution of communities

Nature World News



New species descriptions & Taxonomy

The discovery of Leptanilla hypodracos with Mark Wong in The Straits Times of Singapore (here , here and here). Mark’s work highlighted on TV program: here (@16.30). More recently, the description of Myrmecina magnificiens from Singapore was also featured in and used as the cover picture for the 100 best science photos of 2016

As mentioned above, the discovery and description of Paratopula bauhinia also got its own little success in both local Hong Kong media and abroad

Revision of the tramp species of Pheidole in


Tandem carrying 3The peculiar foraging behavior of Pachycondyla chinensis: Tandem-carrying.

BBC NatureRadio-Canada


The invasion of Pachycondyla chinensis:

The News & Observer.


The predicted future distribution of the Pachycondyla chinensis invasion:

Conservation magazine